Sinclair Internal Arts Curriculum

Ian Sinclair. ORILLIA, ONTARIO, CANADA (and worldwide)
The Sinclair Internal Arts curriculum includes:
Qigong / Neigong: Health, relaxation, meditation, empowerment of mind and body.
Tai Chi (Taijiquan): Learn one or more styles on the path to finding your own. (Yang, Chen, Wu, Sun, more..)
Biomechanics for Athletes and Artists: From Newtonian mechanics to emotional anatomy…Actors, jockeys, musicians, golfers, runners, footballers, tennis players, etc.
Other martial arts: shuaijiao, qinna, xingyiquan, baguazhang, yiquan, sanshou, more…
Self defence: Practical self defence programs designed specifically for the needs and abilities of each student.
Combatives and use of force: Refining skill sets for military and policing applications.
Philosophy, strategy, tactics, methodology: Explore different ways of looking at the world and our place in it.

Self Defence and Self Care

Healing exercises and martial arts are one and the same thing. They both seek balance and tranquility. A martial art is to violence what medicine is to illness.

At first, the martial artist must learn to cultivate internal balance and harmony, mentally and physically. We say, "First, learn to stop fighting yourself. Next, learn to stop fighting the world. Then you will understand that there is no enemy, even when there is opposition. Strategy, tactics, and evolution have all taught us that the ability to resolve conflict and minimize violence is of fundamental importance to our success as individuals and as a species. This begins within, and translates into every aspect of our lives.

Subtle and profound biomechanics:

Drawing on 40 years of experience in various martial arts and neigong systems, a deep understanding of the mechanisms of the body and mind can be transformative for martial artists of all styles, as well as actors, dancers, athletes, musicians, and more.

Cultivating body and mind.

Neigong, Qigong, and advanced martial art practices emphasize the relationships between mind, body, and spirit.

Every thought affects emotions. Every emotion affects the body.
Likewise, movement and posture can change your emotions and thought patterns.

Applications in all aspects of your life.

The strategies, tactics, and methodology that are learned in martial arts and meditation can be applied to every aspect of your life and relationships, just as those relationships can inform your personal practice.